Hearing Aid Fitting - Ozark, MO / Springfield, MO

Once your hearing aids arrive, we will ensure that they fit properly and, depending on what kind you have purchased, make any programming adjustments needed. We will carefully go over the maintenance and operation of the aids, and ensure that you understand all the basic functions that you may need to know.

If you have any questions or concerns at that time or any time thereafter, you only have to call or stop by our office and we will be happy to assist you. Service after the sale is part of the excellent quality of care that we strive to offer our customers.

We offer hearing services in:

Ozark, Springfield, Nixa, Rogersville, Clever, Freemont Hills, Fordland, Sparta, Seymour, Republic, Ava, Forsyth, Galena. If your area is not listed here, please contact our office to enquire.

Fitting & Follow-Up Hearing Care - Ozark, MO - Springfield, MO
We provide a full spectrum of hearing services.
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