Widex Bravissimo - Ozark, MO

Natural and stable sound picture and listening comfort.

Bravissimo is a new digital hearing aid series developed by Widex as the ideal choice for anyone with a hearing loss who needs their hearing aids to match an active lifestyle. Now you needn"t miss out on any of the everyday sounds of life.

Widex has drawn on its vast experience of digital technology to develop the Bravissimo series, a complete range of hearing aids to embrace virtually all types of hearing loss, individual preferences and needs. It is a hearing aid whose sound quality and flexibility enables quick user acceptance.

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    Bravissimo is an excellent all-round hearing aid suited to today’s more active lifestyles. You can do the same things as everyone else around you, from enjoying nature to participating in conversations with family, friends or colleagues. Situations that may have been difficult before, such as hearing the TV, soft sounds or speech, whether indoors or outdoors, will no longer be a problem for you. Effortlessly and comfortably, you can be more of an active player in everyday life.

    It’s important that you have hearing aids that match your individual needs.

    As well as ensuring a natural and comfortable sound quality with clear speech intelligibility, an all-round Bravissimo hearing aid also provides a long battery life and can be adapted to your individual needs. The Bravissimo series comprises a complete range of models – from the most discreet CIC (completely-in-canal) model, through miniature and power In-the-ear and Behind-theear models, to a high power BTE. This extensive selection helps you to find the ideal hearing aid for your type of hearing loss, as well as suiting your individual preferences regarding style and colour.

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    Features & Benefits

    Features Description
    Optimised fine tuning Fine tuning is conducted in three channels, for optimum fitting accuracy. Fine tuning guides are available in the Compass™ fitting software, to assist professionals in taking clients’ individual and more subjective preferences into account.
    Improved sound quality and performance Increased focus has been placed on speech intelligibility by introducing optimised Wide Dynamic Range Compression.
    Automatic Feedback Manager (optional) The Automatic Feedback Manager with Feedback Verificator manages acoustic feedback in three channels. It serves to assess the earmould/shell quality and ensures that the required amplification of normal speech signals is provided and the risk of feedback whistling is reduced. The feedback test is made optional.