Unitron Moxi Fit North - Ozark, Springfield, MO

Unitron Moxi Fit North

It's a whole new direction

Based on the strong foundation of Unitron's proven sound quality, the new North platform is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in natural sound. A greater dynamic range, clean handling of signals and tightly integrated algorithms shape the sound quality in a way that's totally unique to Unitron. Available in different models: Unitron Moxi Fit North Pro, Unitron Moxi Fit North 800/700/600/500.

Unitron Quantum2 - Ozark, Springfield, MO

Unitron Quantum2

Ideal sound, tailor-fit to any ear

The hearing aid for the 21st century has arrived. With its cutting edge super-fast processor, the Unitron Quantum² creates an ideal sound, tailor-fit to any ear. Available in a variety of models, the Quantum² can come in the following styles: Behind-the-Ear, In-the-Ear, In-the-Canal, Completely-in-the-Canal, or Micro Completely-in-the-Canal. Featuring SmartFocus, the Quantum² can automatically adjust its performance to fit your environment, reducing background noise and enhancing speech to keep you connected with the conversations you want to hear.

Unitron Moxi2 - Ozark, Springfield, MO

Unitron Moxi2

Full-sounding music and clear speech recognition

The Unitron Moxi² is engineered for ease of use. As a Receiver-in-Canal hearing-aid, the Moxi² gives you rich, full-sounding music and clear speech recognition without the need to manually change back and forth between hearing aid settings. Moxi² automatically adjusts to your surroundings, leaving you free to focus your energy on the people around you—not on your hearing aid.

Unitron Moxi2 Kiss - Ozark, Springfield, MO

Unitron Moxi2 Kiss

Pinnacle of Receiver-in-Canal technology

Sleek and reliable, the Moxi² Kiss represents the pinnacle of Receiver-in-Canal technology. Bluetooth enabled to sync with your electronic devices, the Moxi² Kiss is ready for the digital age. The smallest hearing aid in the Moxi line, this device offers a constant clear and clean sound.

Unitron Quantum Pro - Ozark, Springfield, MO

Unitron Quantum Pro

Enhanced with a Bluetooth connection

The Unitron Quantum Pro offers a new level of technological integration in the tiny package of a hearing aid. Available as a Behind-the-Ear, micro Behind-the-Ear, micro Completely-in-the-Canal, and Receiver-in-Canal there is a right Quantum Pro for everyone. Enhanced with a Bluetooth connection, the Quantum Pro easily connects with your TV, phone, or tablet for an optimal hearing experience.

Unitron Max - Ozark, Springfield, MO

Unitron Max

Cutting edge technology

The Unitron Max is the newest weapon for your arsenal in the fight against severe hearing loss. As a Behind-the-Ear hearing aid, the Max offers comfort and stability wedded to its cutting edge technology. The Max perfectly connects to all of your electronics with Bluetooth for an easy transfer between devices.