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The solution for virtually any ear, any age and any hearing loss

Siemens Motion® has all the features you need in one intelligent hearing aid—easy to handle controls, rechargeable options, wireless connectivity, and durability.

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    Superb sound meets ease of handling

    Motion"s amazing clarity and ease combine to help you focus on what’s important. Its advanced technology has automatic learning that adjusts itself to your needs and hearing preferences. And if you want to manually change the volume or switch programs, intuitive, easy-to-use onboard controls allow you to spend less time fussing with your hearing aids. The battery compartment was also designed with ease of handling in mind. Easy handling and superb sound combine to let you enjoy the sound of life.

    Motion is available in four models for virtually any ear, any age and any hearing loss

    • Motion SX and PX are rechargeable for hassle-free handling
    • IP67-rated with nanocoating that protects from dirt, sweat, and moisture
    • Intuitive onboard controls for simple volume and program adjustment
    • Tinnitus therapy feature
    • Fully-featured for utmost comfort
    • Exchangeable colors
    • Connects with Tek® and miniTek® wireless systems
    • Comfort, convenience, versatility, and easy listening

    Motion M and Motion P for Bright, Young Minds

    So, with Motion M and Motion P they can always be connected. Motion M and Motion P come in colors that appeal to children and have special safety features that appeal to parents. Equipped with direct audio input (DAI), these hearing aids receive a DM/FM signal from a teacher"s microphone via a receiver placed on the bottom of the hearing aid. It sounds so clear, it"s as if the teacher is standing right next to your child. Your child can sit anywhere in the classroom and never worry about missing an important assignment.

    Motion M and P features for kids include

    • Direct audio input (DAI) via an optional audio shoe
    • Child-safe key lock to prevent unintentional changes to programmable controls
    • Additional colors for kids: Candy Pink and Galactic Blue

    Motion SX and PX — great fit and features

    All active kids and teens want a hearing aid that doesn"t attract attention and fits comfortably. Available in 11 colors, versatile Motion SX and PX are small, fit nearly everyone, and are especially easy to handle. Plus, they"re jam-packed with the latest technology. And, with Bluetooth® -compatible technology, Motion SX and PX can wirelessly connect to phones and MP3 players.

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    Features & Benefits

    Siemens Motion® BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aids are comfortable, easy to use, and very low-maintenance.

    Small, ergonomic shape

    Hearing aid sits comfortably behind your ear.

    Convenient control rocker switch

    Ensures easy volume or programs adjustments.

    Nanocoating and microphone protection

    IP67 rated with nanocoating that protects from dirt, sweat and moisture.

    Optional ultra-thin LifeTube

    Allows for open fittings to help reduce the occlusion (muffled sounds) sometimes experienced with hearing aids.

    Siemens Motion M Siemens Motion P Siemens Motion PX Siemens Motion SX
    Life Tube
    Life Tip
    Charging contact
    Exchangeable housing
    Push Button
    Rocker Switch
    Wireless connectivity / Bluetooth
    Audio Shoe
    Locking features
    Battery door functions
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    Accessories Description
    miniTek® miniTek® wirelessly connects audio devices—phones, TVs, MP3 players, and more—to your hearing aids. miniTek and miniTek Remote app was named an Honoree for the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
    Control your hearing aids using your smartphone Use your Android smartphone to control Siemens miniTek. Our new miniTek Remote app is available in the Google Play store. What looks like texting, might be using an app that lets you control miniTek. Use your Android™ phone to select an audio source (MP3 player, phone, computer, TV, or other audio device) or adjust your hearing aid settings.
    Tek Bluetooth® Tek® wirelessly connects your hearing aids to phones, MP3 players, tablets, TVs, mobile phones, and many other devices with Bluetooth® wireless technology.
    easyPocket Siemens easyPocket™ remote control has an easy-to-read color display that makes it simple to change volume and program settings. It also features an alarm clock setting and a key lock switch to keep settings safe in your pocket or handbag.
    ePen ePen® is a pen-shaped remote control that lets you discreetly make volume and program adjustments to your hearing aids and turn them on and off. The sleek, stylish ePen was a 2010 reddot design award winner.
    VoiceLink VoiceLink™ is a voice transmitter that connects to a plug-in microphone and transmits via a miniTek® using Bluetooth® wireless technology.
    Comfort Digisystem The Comfort Digisystem works with miniTek® and compatible hearing aids in environments where hearing is challenged. Hear every word, securely and clearly in noisy offices, classrooms, conference rooms and onther challenging environments.
    eCharger The eCharger is a hearing aid recharger for select hearing aids with rechargeable batteries. eCharger eliminates the hassle of changing batteries—it"s easy to use and environmentally smart.
    Siemens zinc-air batteries and rechargeable batteries Siemens has a full portfolio of batteries in sizes 10, 312, 13, and 675-including standard zinc-air and rechargeable batteries. Our batteries have stable voltage and quick activation for dependable, long-lasting performance.
    Audio shoe Optional robust audio shoe for direct audio input. Enables direct audio connection to the most common FM solutions for school or at home.
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    Styles & Colors

    Siemens Motion Styles
    Motion M Siemens Motion M
    Motion P Siemens Motion P
    Motion PX Siemens Motion PX
    Motion SX Siemens Motion SX