Siemens Eclipse - Ozark, MO

Enjoy the sound of life

Hearing at its best. Deep fit for the most natural sound.

The disappearing act

Eclipse™ puts the most advanced hearing technology exactly where it belongs—out of sight. It’s tiny in size, almost invisible, and delivers excellent sound quality and comfort. Eliminates the muffled effect typical of other in-the-ear hearing aids. Our most sophisticated device, Eclipse is the ultimate in discreet hearing aids.

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    Eclipse is equipped with the new generation of BestSound™ Technology to make hearing as comfortable, clear, and natural as possible. Our latest innovations help you enjoy these benefits from day one and for many years to come.

    At first, traditional hearing instruments can make some sounds seem too loud or harsh. Eclipse makes the adjustment period easy. That’s because its technology can be perfectly tailored to your needs. Right from the start, it adjusts to a sound level that feels most natural for you. So you"ll love listening with Eclipse the moment you put it in your ear.

    A hearing instrument should handle loud and soft sounds differently. Eclipse does so perfectly. It ensures the ideal balance between sound quality and hearing comfort. Thus, it helps you enjoy quiet conversations clearly but keeps noisy situations at a comfortable level.

    You can’t see it

    Eclipse puts the most advanced hearing technology exactly where it belongs: out of sight. It’s tiny in size, and perfectly hidden in your ears, yet delivers excellent sound quality. Is it a bit of magic or the advanced technology? Both and more: Eclipse is the ultimate in discreet hearing instruments.

    Eclipse is the perfect fusion of craftsmanship and computerized design. Made from the smallest components available, and positioned deep inside the ear canal, it practically disappears. It’s suitable for mild to moderate hearing losses so more people can enjoy the benefits of this ultra-discreet Completely-In-The-Canal hearing instrument. With Eclipse, no one will notice your hearing loss.

    You can’t feel it

    Everything about Eclipse is focused on making you as comfortable as possible: its tiny size, its deep placement in the ear, its exceptional materials, and its state-of-the-art technology.

    Easy on ears.Why is Eclipse positioned so deep inside the ear canal? To ensure the most effective sound transmission to the eardrum. As a result, you sense absolute comfort and excellent sound quality. To further pamper your ears, Eclipse is fitted with a specially designed Soft Dome. This gentle foam dome guarantees maximum wearing comfort eliminating the occlusion effect. Plus, the Soft Domes are so easy to exchange: simply take off and replace them as the need arises.

    Sealing area. Ensures the dome sits softly next to the eardrum, avoiding any pressure or strain.

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    Features & Benefits


    • Ultra discreet hearing aids
    • Smallest handcrafted deep-fit CIC
    • Deep placement, almost invisible from the outside
    • Computerized design is then individually handcrafted, enabling particularly small construction


    • Specially designed soft dome is extremely comfortable and easily exchangeable
    • Soft dome comes in two colors—red (right ear) and blue (left ear)
    • Siemens BestSound® Technology


    • Optimal perception of the wearer"s own voice for the most natural sound
    • No occlusion effect (a sensation similar to placing hands over the ears)
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    Styles & Colors

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