Siemens Ace - Ozark, MO

So tiny, the secret is all yours

Ace™ hearing aids deliver every word—a touching remark, even a whisper—with optimal sound clarity and comfort. So small, it’s practically unnoticeable behind your ear. A moisture- and water-resistant hearing aid with IP67 rating.

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    Enjoy the utmost discretion

    The most discreet hearing instrument in its class, Ace packs an incredible hearing experience into a tiny package. It"s nearly unnoticeable when worn behind the ear.

    Designed to learn and remember hearing preferences in all situations

    Ace senses ambient sounds and intelligently adjusts itself. It filters out unwanted noise and delivers optimum sound quality that’s so natural, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a hearing aid. Wearers enjoy the sound of life—just the way they want it.

    Small, strong Ace is packed with features

    • Ultra small design
    • Tinnitus control
    • Exchangeable housing in colors that match hair and skin tones
    • miniReceiver for natural sound quality
    • Advanced Siemens BestSound® Technology
    • Directional microphones help wearers focus on a conversation
    • Push button for optional control
    • Battery door on/off
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    Features & Benefits

    Performance Level 7mi 5mi
    Hearing loss degree
    Matrix (2 ccm) RIC 45/108 dB RIC 45/108 dB
    Battery Size 10 10
    Power Consumption 0.7 mA 0.7 mA
    BestSound® Technology micon micon
    Push button
    Battery door on/off function
    Tinnitus therapy feature
    Color exchange kit
    Exchangeable controls
    Accessories/instrument controls
    Programming adapter size 10 size 10
    miniReceiver fitting set 2.0 2.0
    Better Hearing
    Frequency channels/compression controls 48/20 32/16
    Number of programs 6 6
    High res. adaptive TwinMic System™ 48 32
    Directional speech enhancement
    Frequency compression
    High res. SpeechFocus
    micon TruEar™
    Sound comfort
    micon compression
    Extended bandwidth
    micon feedback cancellation
    micon speech and noise management 7 steps 5 steps
    micon SoundSmoothing® 3 steps 3 steps
    micon eWindScreen® 3 steps 3 steps
    micon SoundBrilliance™ 3 steps 3 steps
    Acclimatization manager
    micon learning
    Situation equalizer/no. of situations 6 3
    micon fit
    Data logging
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    Styles & Colors

    Siemens Ace Styles
    Siemens Ace