Phonak Sky Q - Ozark, MO

Pediatric hearing aid

Phonak Sky Q is the most comprehensive portfolio exclusively designed for children of all ages with mild to profound hearing losses. All four models are water resistant and dust tight. Tamperproof solutions are available when necessary. Phonak Sky Q introduces significant enhancements across the three performance levels, offering the unique benefits of Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ for children. Enhanced fitting capabilities in Junior mode provide increased customization to meet listening needs while unique housing and ear hook colors enable children to Mix & Match so they can fully express their personalities.

  • Three BTEs and a RIC model in three performance levels
  • Based on the Quest platform, offering the benefits of Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ for children
  • Water resistant, dust tight and tamperproof
  • Exceptional Mix & Match housing and ear hook colors
  • Enhanced fitting capabilities in Junior mode

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    Fitting Ranges

    Phonak Sky Q is designed to cover mild to profound hearing losses.

    Styles & Colors

    Phonak Sky Q comes in four designs. All instruments are available in an exceptional choice of colors always with the possibility to Mix & Match housing and ear hook colors. The ear hooks are available in pediatric (mini hooks) and standard sizes.

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    Features & Benefits

    Phonak Sky Q offers the most complete set of advanced features in a pediatric portfolio of hearing aids. SoundRecover along with the Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ allow improved hearing in a broad range of situations.

    Key Features


    DuoPhone improves the signal-to-noise ratio and therefore increases understanding of a telephone conversation. As soon as a telephone conversation starts, the telephone signal is not only amplified, it is also streamed using Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ to the other hearing aid, so that the caller‘s voice is heard in both ears.

    Speech in Wind

    Speech in Wind is a binaural feature that significantly increases speech understanding and listening comfort in situations where wind noise affects one ear more than the other. In an asymmetric situation, the signal from the better side is streamed to the affected side using Phonak Binaural VoiceStream Technology™. By leaving frequencies above 1500 Hz untouched, Speech in Wind ensures speech intelligibility and comfort, while maintaining spatial cues needed for localization. Speech in Wind is available as a manual program.

    auto StereoZoom

    StereoZoom improves the SNR by an additional 2.5 dB over sophisticated monaural directional microphone technology leading to an increased speech understanding in loud environments. It is the industry‘s only binaural four-microphone directional system which is now automatically activated within SoundFlow. Once a situation is classified as “speech in loud noise”, StereoZoom is automatically activated and the width of the beamformer is narrowed. This reduces environmental noise and focuses on a single voice in the crowd.


    SoundRecover adds clarity and consistent exposure to high frequency speech sounds, ensuring natural sound quality and improved speech understanding. SoundRecover can be used for all hearing losses and the amount of frequency compression applied is directly proportional to the hearing loss.

    Fully tamperproof

    Phonak Sky Q offers tamperproof solutions for the battery door, ear hook and integrated Roger receiver.

    These solutions must be attached for children younger than 36 months to prevent accidental swallowing of the battery or small parts and complies to the newest IEC standards.


    All Phonak Sky Q models are water resistant and dust tight, reaching IP67 according to IEC standards. This allows kids to enjoy a variety of water sports and activities without compromising their hearing aids.

    Junior mode

    Listening needs of children are different from adults and evolve with age. This is why Phonak offers an improved Junior mode in Phonak TargetTM. This evidence-based, customizable pediatric fitting software aims to make pediatric fitting more accurate and efficient than ever before. An age-based, one-click pediatric configuration for 0-3, 4-8, 9-12, and 13-18 years delivers the appropriate default setting.

    At the heart of Phonak Quest is the Binaural VoiceStream Technology™. Unique features based on this technology are now available in four performance levels. In addition a range of comfort and audibility features result in a best in class offering.

    This table is provided as a general overview of the Phonak Quest portfolio.
    Some features may be product or model dependent.

    Features 90-Premium 70-Advanced 50-Standard 30-Essential**
    Speech in Wind* - - -
    auto StereoZoom* - - -
    auto ZoomControl* - - -
    FlexControl - - -
    EchoBlock - - -
    StereoZoom* - -
    ZoomControl* - -
    FlexVolume - -
    SoundRelax - -
    WindBlock - -
    Real Ear Sound - -
    DuoPhone* -
    auto Acclimatization
    SoundFlow 5 4 2 -
    Everyday Automatic - - -






    QuickSync -
    Available for Audéo Q, Bolero Q-M13, Naída Q, CROS H2O and Sky Q
    Tinnitus Balance noise generator
    Available for all Audéo Q models
    Channels 20 16 12 8
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    Connect & Communicate

    Roger Clip-On Mic

    Small, optimal microphone for parents of small children who want clear communication in demanding listening situations.

    Roger Pen

    Discreet microphone for not only hearing in distance and noise, but also allows Bluetooth conversations and easy connection to TV and other audio devices.

    Phonak ComPilot

    Offers a built-in remote control and easy wireless access to TVs, MP3 players and phones. VoiceAlerts make it easier than ever to interact with hearing aids.

    Phonak DECT home phone

    This phone allows the child to better hear the signal in both ears using Phonak wireless hearing aids. It can also be used by the rest of the family and held in a natural position.

    Phonak PilotOne

    A simple and user-friendly remote control that fully supports the FlexControl/Volume settings.