Phonak Naída Q - Ozark, MO

Life-changing power

Phonak Naída Q is the most complete, WaterResistant power portfolio covering moderate to profound hearing losses. It includes three models, available in four performance levels. Naída Q introduces significant performance enhancements across all levels, offering a host of features, based on Binaural VoiceStream TechnologyTM. The Naída Q portfolio is available in the highly attractive Phonak Quest color range.

The power portfolio that can optimize audibility and enable understanding even in the most challenging listening situations.

  • Four performance levels, from Premium to Essential
  • Includes RIC model
  • Power SlimTube option for added aesthetic appeal
  • New receivers offer higher fit rate
  • WaterResistant

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    Fitting Range

    Phonak Naída Q is designed to cover moderate to profound hearing losses.

    Styles & Colors

    Each of the three Phonak Naída Q models addresses aesthetic needs without compromising on performance. The color palette radiates sophistication and style. The unique Power SlimTube significantly reduces visibility while worn on the ear.

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    Features & Benefits

    Phonak Naída Q offers the most advanced features based on our unique Binaural VoiceStream Technology™. They allow improved hearing in a broad range of challenging situations – such as on the phone, outdoors or when in noise.

    Key Features

    Speech in Wind

    Speech in Wind is a binaural feature that significantly increases speech understanding and listening comfort in situations where wind noise affects one ear more than the other. In an asymmetric situation, the signal from the better side is streamed to the affected side using Phonak’s unique Binaural VoiceStream Technology™. By leaving frequencies above 1500 Hz untouched, Speech in Wind ensures speech intelligibility and comfort, while maintaining spatial cues needed for localization. Speech in Wind is available as a manual program.

    auto StereoZoom

    StereoZoom has been shown to increase signal-to-noise ratio by up to 6dB, improving speech nderstanding in noisy environments. It is the industry‘s only binaural four-microphone directional microphone system which is now automatically activated within SoundFlow. Once a situation is classified as “speech in loud noise”, StereoZoom is automatically activated and the width of the beamformer is narrowed, which reduces environmental noise and focuses on a single voice in the crowd.


    DuoPhone improves the signal-to-noise ratio and therefore increases understanding of a telephone conversation. As soon as a telephone conversation starts, the telephone signal is not simply amplified. It is also streamed using Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ to the other hearing aid, so that the caller‘s voice is heard in both ears.

    At the heart of Phonak Quest is the Binaural VoiceStream Technology™. Unique features based on this technology are now available in four performance levels. In addition a range of comfort and audibility features result in a best in class offering.

    This table is provided as a general overview of the Phonak Quest portfolio.
    Some features may be product or model dependent.

    Features 90-Premium 70-Advanced 50-Standard 30-Essential**
    Speech in Wind* - - -
    auto StereoZoom* - - -
    auto ZoomControl* - - -
    FlexControl - - -
    EchoBlock - - -
    StereoZoom* - -
    ZoomControl* - -
    FlexVolume - -
    SoundRelax - -
    WindBlock - -
    Real Ear Sound - -
    DuoPhone* -
    auto Acclimatization
    SoundFlow 5 4 2 -
    Everyday Automatic - - -






    QuickSync -
    Available for Audéo Q, Bolero Q-M13, Naída Q, CROS H2O and Sky Q
    Tinnitus Balance noise generator
    Available for all Audéo Q models
    Channels 20 16 12 8
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    Connect & Communicate

    Phonak Naída Q is compatible with the Phonak wireless communication portfolio and FM systems. This means that your clients can truly extend the use of their hearing aids for full enjoyment and usage of TV, telephones and more.

    Phonak ComPilot

    Phonak ComPilot is a perfect all-in-one companion, offering the built-in remote control and easy wireless access to TVs, MP3 players and phones. VoiceAlerts make it easier than ever to interact with hearing aids.

    Phonak RemoteMic

    An easy solution for one to one conversation in noisy places.The RemoteMic is a Bluetooth-based wireless microphone optimized for ComPilot. It is clipped onto the speaker"s clothing and sends the speech to the hearing aids via ComPilot.

    Phonak TVLink S

    Through the Bluetooth transmitter, audio signals from the TV or any other audio source are wirelessly sent to the ComPilot. Great listening experience as well as a short transmission delay ensure listening pleasure even for open fittings.

    Dynamic FM

    Dynamic FM improves the signal-to-noise ratio in very challenging listening situations by over 15 dB compared to traditional FM systems, and over 25 dB versus hearing instruments.


    A simple and user-friendly remote control that fully supports the FlexControl/Volume settings. The fitting effort is low thanks to compatibility with non-wireless devices and the simplest setup.